Addressing the current and future cybersecurity challenges

With the exponential growth of inter and intra-organizational data transfers, it is essential to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and durability of these exchanges.

For this, a good understanding of the technical-functional issues and the financial and legal stakes is essential in the implementation of an effective governance supported by the appropriate skills.

Putting security back at the center of projects

Ethical hacking - Penetration testing

Research the ability of an attacker to exploit potential vulnerabilities and propose a plan of action to correct them.

Technical assessment

Evaluate the level of intrinsic safety of a system and propose improvements.

Functional assessment

Highlight non-conformities with respect to legal frameworks and propose remediation plans.

Secure design

Assist project teams, from choosing the architecture to implementing solutions, in order to ensure that a defined level of security is maintained.

Security governance

Manage an inventory of assets. Map and rationalize access patterns to information in storage or in transit. Analyze compromised systems after the fact (post-mortem).


Assist in the implementation of processes and infrastructures necessary for continuous deployment in production.

Cloud Security

Provide concrete solutions to modern cloud security issues.

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